Restful API
Server to Server
FTP Data Transfer
Android SDK
WeChat Mini APP
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Optimizing the way you engage users who abandoned their cart based on their predicted recovery rate.
Increase Gift Card Sales
Increase your gift card sales by using TapReason’s real-time moment scoring to predict gift card relevancy for different users.
Premium Membership
Engage users based on their predicted likelihood to become Premium/VIP members
Optimize Coupon Allocation
Predict the likelihood for each user to redeem each coupon and use it to offer the coupons with the best
Coupon Timing
Use real-time moment scoring to find the optimal moment to offer a coupon to your users.
Prevent Coupon Fraud
Use real-time behavior prediction to predict fraudulent user behavior.
Effective Coupon Reminder
Predict the optimal time to remind users regarding expiring coupons and increase your redemption rates.
Automated Hyperparameter Tuning
Abstract In this work, we are presenting the simultaneous hyperparameter tuning optimization problem for multiple prediction methods under a limited
“ These advanced technologies give marketing technology companies the ability to provide better results. ”
“ TapReason understanding of mobile user behavior is the driver for mobile success. ”
“ TapReason uses artificial intelligence to decide the magic moment to trigger an action. ”
China News
“高精准用户行为预测技术供应商TapReason公司 “

TapReason can easily integrate with your front end systems (Mobile Apps, Website or WeChat Mini APP) and your back-end systems (CRM, Marketing stack, analytics and etc…). For more information please visit our documentation or schedule a FREE consultation call.