Engagement optimization using real-time moment scoring

TapReason is an award winning, artificial intelligence based, moment scoring system. TapReason predicts in real-time what is the "next best action" for engaging your users and improving your ROI.

Your customer journey is comprised of thousands of intent driven micro moments. Knowing in real-time what is the right moment to engage with your users is the key for improving your conversion rates.

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How TapReason Works?

1. Define Goals

You define what engagement goals you would like TapReason to optimize (e.g, coupon redemption, subscription rates, cart abandonment and etc...)

2. Predicting Engagement

TapReason predicts in real-time the chances that customers will complete the different goals if engaged at this specific moment.

3. Triggering Best Action

TapReason will use the real-time predictions to trigger the best next engagemnet action that will maximize the predicted ROI.



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TapReason is working with leading companies from Asia, Europe and the US. With TapReason businesses are capturing tens of millions of positive-moments a day, optimizing conversion rates on different platforms.


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